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Dive into the core elements of our program app, each carefully crafted to guide you towards the life you deserve.

Overcome addiction

At Rehubs, we are your steadfast companions on the path to sobriety, driven by compassion and understanding. Our comprehensive program is a structured eight-part journey, meticulously designed to empower you to unveil the root causes of addiction and regain control over your life.

We acknowledge that addiction often stems from underlying issues, and our program is strategically tailored to help you identify and confront these deeper concerns. Combining scientific research, wisdom traditions, and practical exercises, our approach offers a holistic understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour patterns.

Through our program, you will cultivate profound self-awareness and mindfulness, breaking free from entrenched habits. You’ll make conscious choices that align with your core values, fostering sustainable recovery.

Understanding the root causes

In our program, we guide you in understanding why you behave and feel as you do. You’ll learn to navigate your emotions, thoughts, and relationships. We address challenging emotions like shame and anger, helping you face them rather than avoiding them. With this insight, you can grow and develop better relationships. It’s about finding your true self and the strength to confront challenges, ultimately paving the way for a brighter future.

Step 1

Keeping your head above water

This module delves into topics such as motivation, the nervous system, trauma, and effective craving management. It underscores the importance of recognising your ‘window of tolerance’ as a crucial element in your journey towards achieving lasting sobriety.

Step 2

Finding peace within yourself

This section empowers you with heart-centered techniques to ease anxiety and insecurity. By addressing past traumas, you’ll find newfound grounding and inner balance.

Step 3

Befriend yourself

At the heart of your existence lies the relationship with yourself. In this module, we delve into the challenges and prospects of forging a more compassionate and self-loving bond with your inner self.

Step 4

Handle what sabotages

In this module, we’ll turn our attention towards what sabotages our peace of mind and discuss how to prevent relapses.

Step 5

Set course towards a brighter future

Here, you’re sculpting a brand-new you—one who thrives on continuous skill development, heightened self-awareness, and the creation of winning habits.

Step 6

Exploring who I am

When we say “I,” what exactly do we mean? Is it that inner voice that, often accompanied by intense emotions, can stir up drama and pull us off course? In this segment, we examine the concept of the ego and delve into strategies for managing our emotions constructively.

Step 7

Healing tender wounds

Just as broken bones, when mended, emerge even stronger, our wounds can become conduits for light. In this exploration, we delve into the art of harnessing setbacks as opportunities, turning them into our most valuable assets on the journey to recovery and personal growth.

Step 8

Giving back

Once sobriety becomes a stable foundation, we embark on a journey of growth and flourishing. Here, we delve into techniques and strategies that amplify your inner radiance, empowering you to shine even brighter on your path to lasting recovery.