What is The Cost of Rehab in The UK?

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Apr 7, 2024 10:21:50 AM

We understand that the cost of rehab is one of the main deciding factors when choosing which treatment path to take.

This is why, in this blog post, we will explore the cost of different treatments so you can decide which treatment is most suitable for you when starting your journey to sobriety.

The first step is always the hardest so even acknowledging your problem and researching rehab options is a great start.


Factors That Can Affect The Cost of Rehab

It is not one size fits all when it comes to rehab. Many different factors can go into the costs of rehab. From location to type of treatment, let us break this down for you.



Location is a significant factor in the cost of rehab in the UK. For example, rehab centres located in major cities usually may be more expensive compared to those located in more rural areas.



The duration of the rehab programme can influence its cost. Short-term programmes, typically lasting from one to four weeks, are typically more affordable compared to long-term residential treatment which can last for several months.

Extended stays in rehab often entail comprehensive therapy sessions, ongoing medical supervision, and continued support, contributing to higher overall costs. The average cost of rehab for a 1-week stay is around £3,000.

We understand that this can be unaffordable for some – so don’t worry as most rehab centres will be able to offer you options and payment plans to help you.



Rehabilitation centres provide a comprehensive range of facilities and services designed to support you through your journey. These facilities aim to create a supportive environment conducive to healing and personal growth. Here are some common facilities offered by rehab centres.


  • Accommodation: Most rehab centres will offer a comfortable living area to make you feel more at home during rehabilitation. These options can range from shared dorms to private rooms, depending on the type of facility, your individual preference or budget.
  • Medical services: Usually rehab centres have medical professionals on-site to keep you safe and oversee the detoxification process also managing any health issues that may arise during treatment. This may include doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and addiction specialists.
  • Therapy Rooms: Therapy rooms are essential spaces where you can participate in individual counselling sessions, group therapy sessions, and other therapeutic activities. These rooms provide a safe environment for exploring emotions, addressing underlying issues, and learning coping skills.
  • Recreational Areas: Rehab centres often feature recreational facilities such as gyms, outdoor spaces, sports facilities, and recreational therapy rooms. These areas are designed to aid your overall well-being, helping you to feel energised and stress-free.
  • Family Support Services: Addiction can have a large impact on your loved ones, therefore many rehab centres will offer support services and family therapy sessions. These services can help to support you and your family through this.
  • 24/7 Support: Rehab centres will always put you as top priority this is why they typically offer round-the-clock support and supervision to ensure your safety and well-being. This includes access to trained staff members who can provide guidance, support, and assistance whenever needed, day or night.


Overall, the facilities offered by rehab centres are designed to create a supportive and therapeutic environment where you can focus on your recovery journey, address underlying issues, develop coping skills, and build a foundation for long-term sobriety and wellness.

For a more basic rehab stay, you can be looking at a cost of around £1000-£1500 per week. However, a more luxurious centre can range anywhere between £10,000 and £20,000.


Type of Treatment

The type of treatment programme required plays a key role in determining the cost of rehab. Detox programmes, which focus on safely managing withdrawal symptoms, may vary in cost depending on the intensity and duration of treatment.

Moreover, specialised programmes tailored to address specific substance abuse issues, such as alcohol addiction or drug dependency, may involve different treatment approaches and this can vary in cost.


What About Free Drug Rehab?

While you may be looking to seek free or low-cost rehab options, these programmes can often have limited availability and resources. Government-funded or charity-based rehab centres may offer reduced-cost or free treatment options if you are struggling financially.

However, accessing these services often involves meeting specific eligibility criteria and may entail longer wait times for admission. While free rehab is an option, it is not always the best option when seeking long-term recovery.


Online vs In-Person Rehab

Online rehab and in-person rehab offer different approaches to supporting individuals in their recovery journey.

If you don’t want to travel or would rather seek rehab from the comfort of your own home, Rehubs is the perfect option for you. While online rehab is typically a cheaper option it also offers you flexibility and convenience.

It allows you to recovering from the comfort of your own home along with one-to-one support from our team, whilst still being able to tend to your other commitments.

In-person rehab provides a structured environment with 24/7 supervision, face-to-face therapy sessions, and access to comprehensive support services. However, this will be your new home for most of your recovery and may leave you struggling to attend commitments.

Ultimately, the choice between online and in-person rehab depends on your personal treatment needs, preferences, and circumstances.


Investing in Recovery

While the cost of rehab in the UK may seem daunting, it’s important to view it as an investment in your health and future. Seeking professional help and beginning a path towards lifetime-lasting recovery.

Whether it’s overcoming alcohol dependency, managing drug addiction, or addressing co-occurring mental health issues, rehab offers the tools, support, and hope needed to reclaim control over your life.

Remember, the true cost of addiction is far greater than the price of rehab – it’s measured in lost opportunities, damaged relationships, and poor well-being. So, if you are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, don’t let cost be a barrier to seeking help.

Here at Rehubs, our promise is to stand by you, support you and provide the tools for lasting recovery and a brighter future.

That’s why 218 out of 269 people have said they have maintained abstinence since leaving treatment through our program. Click here for your free consultation to get started with your recovery journey at Rehubs today.

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