Drug Addiction Therapy

At Rehubs, we provide friendly, effective drug addiction therapy and treatment to tackle drug addiction. Helping over 200 people overcome their substance use disorder. Our therapy and treatment options include psycho-social therapy with one-to-one counselling, giving you the best chance of overcoming your drug addiction and avoiding relapsing for good. 

Are you struggling to control your drug use and giving in to your drug cravings? Or are you worried about a loved one's drug use? You are in the right place. 

At Rehubs, we provide effective online treatment and therapy to tackle drug addictions of all kinds. Breaking free from the grips of drug addiction is much more than simply getting sober; it's a journey of staying sober too. That's why drug therapy is so important, as it helps you not just get sober but also prevent relapse. 

With our evidence-based programs and personalised support groups, we provide the tools and encouragement necessary to begin your journey to recovery, all from the comfort of your own space! 

The first step to drug addiction therapy is first recognising that there is a problem. Without this, it can quickly take over your life. Having negative impacts on your relationships, finances, physical and mental health, as well as your general well-being.

Trust our team of drug addiction therapists, who are specialists, to guide you down a fresh, drug-free path to rewrite your story.

What Is Drug Addiction?

So, what exactly is drug addiction? Let’s be clear: drug dependence is a chronic health problem and not a moral failing or reflection of your character. 

It's a complex interplay of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors that can affect anyone, regardless of background or circumstance. 

From genetic predispositions to environmental influences, various risk factors can all contribute to the development of drug addiction. These factors may include:

  • Family history of addiction 
  • Trauma
  • Mental health conditions (e.g attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or bipolar disorder)
  • Exposure to illicit drugs in the environment

The bottom line is that no matter the type of drug addiction, whether it be prescription drug addiction, cocaine addiction, cannabis addiction or ketamine addiction, it is not your fault, and you deserve a chance at sobriety with an understanding support system to support you every step of the way. 

The Impact on Family and Friends

Drug addiction doesn't just affect the individual; it touches the lives of family members and friends. It can leave a trail of heartache and despair in its wake. So getting help sooner rather than later is a must.  

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction can be overwhelming, but there is hope! We provide support not only for those battling addiction, but we also offer family therapy to help everyone tackle the addiction. 

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

No matter how hopeless it may seem, addiction is a treatable condition, and recovery is possible with the right support and resources. The key to lasting sobriety involves addressing the underlying issues driving addictive behaviours and equipping you with coping mechanisms and life skills. Our drug addiction therapy empowers you to take control of your life.

What Are The Risks of Drug Addiction?

As drug addiction progresses, it will begin to impact every aspect of your life. Ultimately, if you don’t seek help and address your addiction, your future looks bleak. 

Let’s explore some of the risks associated with drug addiction… 

It can impact your mental health, leading to depression or anxiety

It can affect the way your brain works in the long term

It can lead to legal and financial troubles

It can cause stroke, cancer, and heart disease 

It can lead to drug overdose - or death! 

Is it Time For Me To Seek Help?

Yes! If you’re here looking for therapy for drug addiction, you’re in the right place. Knowing and identifying the signs is the first step toward recovery. Some signs that it’s time for support include: 

The loss of control over taking drugs 

Experiencing physical or mental health problems related to drug use 

Lying about your drug use to others

Loved ones noticing you have a drug problem 

Increased tolerance to drugs

Withdrawing from loved ones 

Continuing to use drugs despite the negative effects

Trying to quit but being unsuccessful 

Experiencing financial difficulties due to drug-related expenses

If you or someone you care about is exhibiting these signs, our intensive online rehab could be just what you need. Addiction is a treatable condition, and you can recover with the right support and treatment. We are here to help you.  

What is The Rehubs Approach? 

Here at Rehubs, we believe in a holistic approach to addiction treatment that addresses not only the body but the mind and spirit too. Our evidence-based programs combine therapy, counselling, education, and support to help you to achieve lasting recovery.

Whether you're struggling with alcohol, opioids, stimulants, or any other substance, we tailor our therapy to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

The most effective way to tackle addiction is to combine psycho-social therapy or group therapy with one-to-one therapy. This is why 95% of residential rehabs do it, and this is why we do it here at Rehubs

So, with our intensive 28-day online rehab program, you can expect:

Group therapy with accredited therapists

Telephone support

Individual counselling with accredited therapists

Ongoing aftercare

We Support You - Every Step of the Way

Recovery is a journey, not a destination, and at Rehubs, you'll never have to walk it alone. Our friendly, understanding professionals are here to provide round-the-clock support and guidance, helping you get through the ups and downs of recovery.

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment focuses on you as a person, not you as an addict. We understand that all drug users require different treatment plans, which is why we tailor our treatment plans to meet your specific needs. 

From individual therapy sessions to group support meetings and online forums, we offer a range of resources to ensure that you always have the support you need, whenever you need it. 

Helping You Get Sober - And Stay Sober

Our ultimate goal is to help you embrace a drug-free future and live your best life. So, if you’re ready, take the first step and enquire today! Don’t wait until tomorrow to seek help - make the change now.