Darshna Jeffrey

Operations Manager

We’re thrilled to introduce Darshna Jeffrey as the Operations Manager at Rehubs, where her blend of sharp insight and vibrant energy is revolutionizing how we operate. Darshna burst onto the scene as the youngest ever Operations Manager for Virgin Gyms' front of house at just 18, demonstrating early on that she was a force to be reckoned with.

After making her mark at Virgin Gyms, Darshna transitioned to the dynamic world of railway operations. Here, she quickly climbed the ranks from a signaller to a customer service expert, and eventually to the prestigious role of Operations Manager at St Pancras. Under her leadership, St Pancras didn’t just operate—it thrived, claiming the title of the number one station in the country for an impressive four consecutive years.

Now at Rehubs, Darshna channels her extensive experience and unstoppable drive into enhancing our online rehab services. She ensures our operations are seamless, our team is inspired, and our clients are at the center of a meticulously organized universe. Darshna’s role is instrumental as we continue to redefine rehabilitation with innovative, accessible solutions that promise not just recovery, but a transformed life.
Darshna’s visionary leadership not only propels our operational capabilities but also ensures that every interaction at Rehubs is a step toward excellence. Her strategic prowess and spirited approach are shaping a bright future for our clients and setting new benchmarks in the industry.