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Dr Guy Gross


Dr Guy Gross is a medical doctor and entrepreneur with a distinguished career, having successfully launched over 50 products across both public and private sectors, and guided several companies to prosperous exits. Over the last four years as a fractional COO, he has notably steered Teladoc in the UK and Psychiatry UK through an impressive 2,000% hyper-growth in the rapidly evolving telemedicine space.

With a deep expertise in digital transformation, product and pathway design, commercial and organizational development, and the establishment of clinical services, Dr Gross brings a comprehensive skill set to his operational roles. In addition to his work as COO, he serves as a Board advisor at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Here, he oversees the interests of over 160,000 healthcare engineers worldwide, ensuring the integration of cutting-edge engineering solutions in healthcare settings.

Dr Gross’s unique blend of clinical insight and strategic acumen continues to drive innovative practices across the healthcare industry, positioning him as a pivotal leader in the field.