Marcantonio Spada

Strategic Advisor - Clinical Delivery

At Rehubs, we are privileged to have Professor Marcantonio Spada as Strategic Advisor for Clinical Delivery. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades, Professor Spada is a renowned figure in the field of addictive behaviour and mental health. His expertise plays a pivotal role in the innovative, evidence-based approach we employ at our online rehab facilities.

Professor Spada holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and has contributed significantly to the understanding and treatment of addictive behaviour through his extensive research and published works. His academic journey is marked by influential positions at prestigious institutions, where he has shaped future professionals in mental health and addiction treatment.

In his role at Rehubs, Professor Spada oversees our clinical programme, ensuring that they not only adhere to the highest standards of care but also integrate the latest advancements in psychological research. His visionary leadership is crucial as we strive to provide accessible, cutting-edge treatment options for those struggling with addiction, all from the comfort of their homes.

His commitment to excellence and his compassionate approach to treatment reflect the core values of Rehubs, making him a cornerstone of our mission to revolutionize rehabilitation services. Under his guidance, our team of specialists is dedicated to supporting every individual's journey toward recovery with personalised, discreet, and comprehensive online therapy solutions.