Michelle Heaton


Meet Michelle Heaton, Rehubs' inspiring ambassador, whose journey through addiction and recovery resonates at the heart of what we stand for. At Rehubs, we believe in the power of sharing real stories to not only heal the storyteller but also to light the way for others. Michelle embodies this belief.

A beloved figure, Michelle has courageously opened up in numerous Rehubs videos, from bite-sized educational clips that unpack the complexities of addiction, to deep-diving documentaries that explore her personal battles and victories. Her openness and sincerity make her a beacon of hope and a testament to the life-changing power of true grit and grace.

As a singer, actress, and fitness enthusiast, Michelle brings a unique perspective to the dialogue about recovery, emphasizing the importance of holistic wellness. Her story is one of formidable challenges and remarkable triumph, providing our community with the proof that recovery is not only possible, but also filled with new beginnings.

Join Michelle and the Rehubs community as we continue to break down barriers and build a supportive environment where everyone’s journey to recovery is respected and celebrated. Her experience, strength, and hope are integral to our mission, guiding us as we all work towards a healthier, happier life.