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If you wanted to lose weight on a desert island, it would be easy! But would that weight stay off when you came back home? It’s the same for rehab.


If you really want to change an addictive behaviour, you need to change it in the context in which it happens


Marcantonio Spada Professor of Addictive Behaviours and Mental Health, London South Bank University

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rehubs, and how does it work?
Rehubs is an intensive 28 day online programme designed to support individuals on their journey to recovery from addiction. It includes:
  • Daily group sessions.
  • Weekly one-on-one therapy.
  • One year of weekly aftercare sessions.
  • One year of family support.
  • Access to our app with 24/7 support.
  • Telephone helpline 7 days a week from 8AM to 10PM.
Is Rehubs suitable for all types of addiction?

Yes, Rehubs is designed to assist individuals struggling with a wide range of addictions, including substance abuse and behavioural dependencies. 

How do I maintain privacy and anonymity on Rehubs?

Your privacy is a priority. Rehubs provides a secure and confidential platform for participation.

Is Rehubs an affordable option for addiction recovery?
Rehubs costs £2795 and keeps you in the comfort of your own home, addressing all the triggers and stresses as they arise. We also have you covered with support and group therapy for a year after you finish the programme.
Residential rehab costs anywhere between £8000 and £30'000, with little support after the 28 days.
What addictions do we cover?
Substance Addictions:
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Amphetamine Addiction
  • Crack Cocaine Addiction
  • Crystal Meth Addiction
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Ecstasy Addiction
  • GHB Addiction
  • Binge Drinking
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Drug Addiction
  • Ketamine Addiction
Behavioural Addictions:
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Over Eating
  • Gaming Addiction
  • Sex Addiction
  • Porn Addiction

Can't see what you need help with? We provide treatment for many more addictions! Get in touch with us today to discuss your options. 






Our intensive 28 day Online Rehab Programme includes:

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